Dezyred Review

Do you like VR porn movies? They are realistic and immersive – way better than regular 2D sex scenes. But do you know what the downside is? That even though are so lifelike and can make you feel like you are in the same room with one of these professional pornstars, they are still limiting you to following the scheme. After all, they are turning you into someone who is only watching and not experiencing what is on screen. Or at least it was until VR Bangers, one of the biggest producers of VR porn movies, introduced the first interactive VR porn game on the market called Dezyred.

The Overview

Enjoy the best VR porn game in the world made by VR Bangers! Dezyred has been created to meet some of your deepest hidden sexual fantasies. Introducing the hottest  VR porn stars and giving you the best intimate encounters you can have online. This virtual reality sex play story is all about having fun with hot whores that just can’t wait to suck your dick. Just do not forget this is a VR porn game and not just any VR sex scene. You will have to try harder this time when getting in the panties of these horny VR porn vixens.

Dezyred - The Overview

Many Pornstars For You to Conquer and Bang

Dezyred has all the best VR porn models! Starring the hottest redhead vixens, sluttiest blonde girls, and curviest dark-haired hotties. Some rising stars of the VR porn business – including Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright, waiting for you in the first VR porn game available in Dezyred; Angela White, Penny Pax, Morgan Lee, Kyler Quinn, Cecilia Lion, and Katy Jayne in part two – and many more to come in the future!

Many VR Pornstars For You to Conquer and Bang
A Growing Number of Interactive Stories with Multiple Endings

A Growing Number of Interactive Stories with Multiple Endings

Choose the interactive VR porn game of your likeness and keep playing until you reach 100% of its completion! Inside the Double Trouble VR porn game, you will become Lacy Lennon’s stepbrother, spending your weekend together. You two are having a special guest this week. Her best friend Whitney Wright will visit you to have a little party and relax with her BFF… and yourself. In future, many more similar games will be added to the website. This includes the interactive experience from the world-famous series of VR Bangers called the Sorority Hookup! And remember that each has multiple endings for you to discover and enjoy!

Flawless Quality of 8K UHD interactive VR porn

All Of That In the Flawless Quality of 8K UHD

Not only are we dealing with 3D 360° VR porn films, even more, you can look and also walk around the chosen VR porn scene. There is binaural sound support that is quite not yet a standard for all the VR porn movies on the internet. VR Bangers offers their productions on in 8K ultra-high definition. It is the highest quality available for all the newest models of VR goggles. Make sure your VR headset is even capable of running them in such a resolution!

Support for Many Popular VR Headsets

Dezyred supports Oculus Rift/Rift S, Steam VR headsets, Oculus Quest/Quest 2. It will be soon offering the support of Daydream, Gear VR, Oculus Go VR goggles, and even iOS and Android devices. Of course, to run these interactive virtual reality porn games, you will need a solid VR device. If you can’t afford one and still want to give it a go, you can do that with even cheaper VR goggles like Oculus Quest.

Support for Many Popular VR Headsets

And It is Available for Free!

You actually do not need any money to play Dezyred. It is available for free. The only way that VR Bangers are making money is through the microtransactions available inside the games. If you are stuck with your progress or just want to get straight to the fun, you can unlock some hidden interactions with coins available in packages from $10 to $100. You should know, though, that if you decide to buy coins right after creating your account, you will be given a 50% discount. It is a really good deal if you plan to spend a bit of extra time with this interactive VR porn game. And not only that, but you are also getting some extra (600) coins just for creating the account!

VR porn practically for free!

The Achievements!

If you are one of those “completionists”, you will be glad to hear that games also have some achievements for you to collect! With challenges like “Spend more than 12 hours in the game”, “Discover 20 sex toys in the house”, “Discover Lacy Lennon’s secret ambition”, “Sleep with Whitney and Lacy in one night”, and “Find a way to bang Whitney Wright”. I am sure that you will have a whole lot to do in these interactive VR porn games!

The Achievements!

Pros and Cons

Interactive VR stories with multiple endings.
“Easy to play, hard to master” nature of the games, which makes you feel rewarded after achieving the full completion (each game takes multiple hours to finish).
Available for free!
Achievements are so fun!
Not yet compatible with all devices.
A low amount of stories right now.
Currently, you can’t play in 2D.

The Verdict

Dezyred is an addictive and interactive VR porn game that takes entire VR sex to the next level. Even though it is not available on all kinds of devices and you can’t play in 2D. VR Bangers are broadening the support of their experiences as we speak. Soon enough, it should be available to all types of VR hardware. Moreover, even though there is only one game available right now, it takes over 8 hours to beat, which is pretty impressive and gives enormous hopes for the future of the website. I loved Dezyred and recommend it to everyone, and can’t wait to see new stories, scenes, and girls soon to be added!

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