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Reality Lovers Review

If you’re a porn fan, you always look for what’s new and what’s next. Unlike many other kinds of entertainment, porn has always had a very short shelf-life, with rapidly changing trends, advances in style, and so many other variables. Details ranging from popular hair colours to grooming habits, clothing choices and sexual fantasies coming in or out of popularity create an ecosystem where enthusiasts are always trying to find the hottest new content to maximize their enjoyment.

Fortunately, the Reality Lovers team was active long before virtual reality tech existed. In this Reality Lovers Review, you`ll understand how they evolved from VRPorn earliest inception to today’s leading edge for fans. That has allowed Reality Lovers members access to the best archive of VRPorn anywhere and the confidence that the best is always yet to come!

The Overview

If you are new to virtual reality, you are in for a real treat. While many fans are still mired in the flat screen world of 4K resolution porn, the era of Virtual Reality porn is here. It provides a genuinely different and more immersive experience. Reality Lovers shoot using state-of-the-art gear to capture a 5K 180-degree experience. Voyeurs like you can control the action with a simple turn of your head or click on the remote.

Zoom in on her face to witness every moment of her orgasmic intensity or look down to gaze along her perfect body and see what you want when you want, without any “director” dictating where you need to focus your affection. When you add in the binaural sound and other advances pioneered by Reality Lovers, it becomes elementary to understand why VR Porn in this collection is the closest you can get to being in the room with the stars as they fuck their way from each climax to the next. On top of that, there are a lot of VR Porn Health Benefits.

Reality Lovers Review

The Best VR Porn Movie Collection

With any new tech, one of the common concerns fans have is whether there will be enough content to keep things fresh. VR Porn does take more time to film and creates many challenges for the crew. Still, thanks to years of generating VR content, the Reality Lovers team has added more than 22,000 minutes of pleasure to the best members area catalogue in modern adult entertainment. That’s hundreds of complete adult VR experiences, with new ones added each week to continue growing your collection in exciting new ways.

Best of all, Reality Lovers has done an admirable job of varying its content much more than other studios. Instead of focusing on only a few niches, the experiences available when you join to run the full range from roleplay exclusives like A Whore In The Trailer starring Sharlotte Thorne to the Big Tits Series, Anal Compilation, Lesbian Picnic, and far too many other examples to list here. That’s a big part of why Reality Lovers was named the VR Pornsite of The Year by YNOT and has earned so many other awards from industry insiders and accolades from fans who have had the opportunity to see this fantastic site for themselves.

The Best VR Porn Movie Collection

Fully Compatible Content With All Devices

Speaking of VR Headsets, you’ll be pleased to know that Reality Lovers works beautifully with every VR device. Oculus rigs, the HTC Vive, Valve Index, PlayStation VR, Gear VR – heck, even older Cardboard options will work if you prefer to use them. The better your headset, the higher the resolution can be displayed for you, but with Reality Lovers, the content is never the rate-limiting factor. You can be sure that each experience will deliver the maximum quality your headset can handle.

It’s worth noting that Reality Lovers also has a fantastic support staff fully versed in helping new VR adopters to make a move to VR, so if you just got your first headset or have questions about which headset you’ll want to obtain, you can always reach out and get real answers from real experts thanks to Reality Lovers.

Fully Compatible Content With All Devices

Top Stars And Rare Exclusives

A quick glance at the pornstar pages will show you that the stars are coming to VR. Most of your favourite starlets have successfully made the leap to VR with Reality Lovers. Gorgeous girls like Alex Black, Micaela Schafer, Texas Patti and hundreds of others have had their VR porn debut. Watching them get dicked down in VR is completely different. You have never enjoyed them quite as much as you can when they let you into their virtual journey so you can share their most intimate reality.

Part of what makes the Pornstars collection on Reality Lovers unique is the rare combination of top names like those previously mentioned, along with brand new fresh faces you will not find anywhere else. There are dozens of gorgeous gals here in their first scene of any kind, and even more pretty amateurs, along with top-tier XXX talent making the transition to VR with their maiden VR Porn scenes here. Summon your VR Girlfriend Now. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Big Tits, Fitness Model, Anal Superstar, whatever you like.

From Pioneers To Pace Setters

A few years back, only a few studios were willing to invest in the new tech. But with a big price comes good quality. Reality Lovers are at the forefront of that effort in the vanguard for everyone who is looking to move toward a new era of adult entertainment. Since then, many other studios have followed pioneers like Reality Lovers into this kind of lifelike experience. However, the head starts the original pioneers had allowed them to maintain many advantages. There isn’t a workaround for overcoming their edge of experience gained from filming hundreds and hundreds of scenes along the way.

That has allowed Reality Lovers to turn their early experience as pioneers of VR porn into a competitive advantage today as true pacesetters for the adult industry. Each time a new format, codec, headset or tech breakthrough becomes a new layer for VR Porn, you’ll see Reality Lovers figuring it out first and other studios following their example. Why settle for last year’s best tech when you can be a Reality Lover with full access to the very best Virtual Reality Porn possible right now and a future-proofed collection that constantly evolves faster than you’ll find anywhere else?

Much Lower Cost Than You May Expect

So you understood that adult virtual reality is better, but now you have a nagging feeling about the price? Relax…. Reality Lovers costs much less than you probably expect.
Reality porn does have two costs. The price of the site itself and the price of the headset you’ll use to enjoy VR Porn. Yes, you can watch Reality Lovers videos on a phone or computer screen, but the immersion on a VR headset is something else.

The great news is that the cost of a quality VR Headset has dropped immensely in recent months. When VR first came out, you needed a high-end computer, an expensive headset and a top-notch video card. Now there are affordable headsets that don’t need any external computer for a couple of hundred bucks. Remember, that same headset from Oculus or whichever brand you prefer can also be used for amazing VR video games, full 360 experiential movies, VR travel experiences and more. So the cost is tiny compared to the value you get from it.

As for the site itself, the single-month streaming price of $19.99 is even lower than many traditional porn sites that charge more than that for flat-screen porn that is nowhere near as exciting, and you can get access for the mind-blowing price of only $9.99 with full download access for offline viewing if you signup up for the yearly option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Reality Lovers


We’ve talked a lot about the advantages of VR itself, and with Reality Lovers, you get even more than that. Exclusive weekly updates you can’t find anywhere else are a significant advantage. That’s because VR porn isn’t available for free on any tube site. The Reality Lovers website does provide a premium VR Porn experience. The site also benefits from safe and secure billing that is entirely discreet. Nobody else will be able to know what you’ve been enjoying in your VR headset.

You don’t need to take just our word for it, either. Reality Lovers is one of our favourite adult sites. Our joy is echoed by the many awards the site keeps winning from major adult media outlets. Venus VR Site of the Year, YNOT VR Site of the Year, XBIZ, and AVN, to name a few. Nearly unanimous thumbs up from every other insider, review site and fan community around the globe.

Is Reality Lovers perfect? From our point of view, nothing can ever be perfect, and the journey matters most. Being part of a site that is striving for perfection is exciting. On the downside, some fans may feel that Reality Lovers is more focused on European models than American models. Others may desire harder, more extreme content than what the site produces, but those are elements of taste.

The Reality Lovers Review Verdict

On an objective level, Reality Lovers is as good as it gets. Whether the content matches your desired mood is a more personal assessment you can make from their transparent tour. Take a look and see why so many fans make Reality Lovers their first choice for VR Porn entertainment. It’s a site we’ve joined month after month, and been very impressed with nearly every new update they have published. We recommend Reality Lovers to you with confidence. That only comes from having access to a massive collection of genuinely orgasm-worthy adult entertainment right now!

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