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WankzVR Review

WankzVR.com: Is It Worth the Money or Not?

Find out in this in-depth, honest WankzVR Review. The relatively new horizon of virtual reality is currently being explored in terms of video games for first-person shooters or training simulations and the world of pornography. WankzVR.com, or Wankz VR is one of the many companies currently riding this new bandwagon in video interactivity and immersion.

They have some of the hottest porn stars around, boasting that they’re the only site that can stream VR. They also have low membership fees compared to their download-centric counterparts, which leaves me quite intrigued. Will they live up to expectations or not at all? They’re at least worth a look, at any rate. From the looks of things, they’re a quality-first, quantity-later site.

Pros, Cons, and Features

Here’s the good, bad, and ugly in regards to WankzVR.com.

Celebrating Over 600 Scenes
The Wankz VR site has multiple VR options, offering downloadable files for smartphones, the Oculus Rift, Gear VR and all VR porn headsets.
A huge number of Interactive Videos where you don’t watch porn. You LIVE it.
The videos are shot in 180° 3D VR with the highest resolution output being 7200×3600 (a.k.a. 3600p, or 7K). Shooting two scenes a week.
A cardboard-style headset can be used for the smartphone option.
The site is responsive to mobile devices, allowing you to browse through that avenue.
The staff is open to feedback and critique, with a discussion forum that’s quite active and fosters camaraderie among paying members.
They respond to multiple member feedback the best that they can.
The content itself is high quality, with 180° videos, 60 FPS movies, immersive content and video topics, and video streaming to help you preview which vid is better.
It’s all available to you for the lowest price of $19,99 monthly.
They are offering amazing lifetime membership for just $299.
Accepting both Paypal and Bitcoin on top of all credit and debit cards.
It only has 180° videos when its competition has 220° or even 360° videos instead.
I even just reviewed a site noting that 220° in and of itself is a limitation, although others might argue that more focus on the actress is better.
Some of the videos have issues with scaling, with the girls looking smaller than they really are.
Not many photos are available for previews—just screencaps.

The Features:

Here are features that separate WankzVR from the rest of the VR pornographers out there.

1. The Handy Forums

Although their forums are helpful and showcase the company in a transparent and honest light, it does expose their flaws in terms of the complaints they get. The good news is that there are relatively few complaints regarding cancellation, billing, and spam, so many of the members are satisfied customers.

2. Streaming Capabilities for Previews

You can preview the VR through a streaming service, and this isn’t just the 2D or non-VR version of what you’re about to watch either. Instead, it’s a standard resolution stream of the video that members can watch on the site itself so that you won’t have to download gigabytes of porn or even megabytes of the preview or sample video to know what you’re getting into.

WankzVR Review - Top VR Porn Videos

3. Standard Update Frequency

A steady stream of two videos per week is available at WanksVR. The updates’ sparseness comes mostly from editing hours of footage to about 50 minutes of the finished product. There are even VR videos like Santa’s Workshop and Zombie Slayers that run as long as whole full-length mainstream movies (close to 2 hours in length). So it’s more quality per video rather than just quantity.

4. Pretty Good Pricing Scheme

You can get the $19.95 per month package with the right promo discount. You can also opt for $120 annually, but many opt for the $15 monthly option because it is easy to find promos to get that discount on the net. The major payment methods for this service are PayPal, Bitcoin, MasterCard, and Visa.

5. The WankzVR analysis – Selection of Hotties

In my honest opinion, some of the hottest up-and-coming porn stars are featured on the site. They’re well-known under-25 performers in the industry, like VR princess Riley Reid, Naomi Woods, Gina Valentina, Jillian Jansen, Kristina Rose, Sydney Cole, Mia Malkova, Alex Grey, Megan Rain, Zoey Monroe, Adriana Chechik, Leah Gotti, Lily Jordan, and many more. It figures that the future stars of porn are hitching a ride at the possible future format of porn.

WankzVR Review - A huge selection of Interactive VR Porn

6. Searchability and User-Friendly Interface

The site is quite good in terms of searchability. Not Google.com good, but pretty good. Just keep in mind niche tags or search by actress, and you’re good to go. The website isn’t a pain to navigate. It has a modern, streamlined look while still ensuring it has a magazine-like interface that works best on a porn site that wishes to feature its sexy naked girls with aesthetically pleasing prominence.

Personal Experience

Here’s my personal experience when making Wankz VR work.

1. Sparseness and Iffy Quality of Early Content

As of January 2023, there are 140-something movies available in Wankz VR. However, the first 23 movies on the site (the experimental ones) have scaling issues and technical glitches like motion blur and distortion. This is understandable in that WankzVR.com is one of the early adopters of VR. Still, for us VR connoisseurs out there, it might take us out of our viewing (or masturbatory) experience, like seeing an old low-resolution YouTube video full of pixels.

2. The Good Content Makes Up for the Bad Ones

Early instalment weirdness aside, more than 120 movies are of prime VR quality because, by this time, WankzVR.com has got the hang of filming in VR. Their selection of stories and scenarios has also improved at this point, emphasising voyeurism and first-person POV scenes more than wasting the immersive nature of VR.

3. Common Issues on Rebilling

The most common and troubling issue I’ve encountered from the member’s forums, but I haven’t personally experienced, is the glitch on rebilling that renders the system unable to recognize your account, which then temporarily affects your Wankz VR login. You can direct your questions and comments to the forums until a Wankz VR admin arrives to address your issues.

4. Quality in Terms of Niches, Kinks, and Topics

If you thought that VR porn is a limiting genre because everything has to be in one POV or voyeuristic, you might change your hand when seeing the offerings of WankzVR.com. I had my pick of the litter in terms of Ass Licking, Food, Ebony, Asian, GFE, Parodies, MFF, Lesbian, Cosplay, and loads of Anal on top of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Holiday Specials, and Horror (as in they have a VR zombie movie available). I approve of their creativity.

5. Solid Production for 2023

Some VR site content looks dolefully out-of-date because they’re just making the same porn content with a VR twist. With Wankz VR, I have to give them a hand in making sure the image quality is consistently clear, the sound or audio is solid, and many of the technicalities in lighting, camera work, and rigging are done professionally to keep me from ruining my immersion. Solid and serviceable, even though not particularly spectacular.

6. A Deluge of Extras and Networks

Perhaps because they’re aware of their sparseness, Wankz VR has some of the more detailed and comprehensive extras included as a promo. You can get a good network deal out of subscribing to Wankz VR by getting not only Wankz 2D HD 4K but also Tranny.com, Best DVD Porn, Teen Girls, and Lethal Pass Network to boot. WankzVR membership to the aforementioned forums (for quick feedback from the membership community) on top of a boatload of pornographic network content.

7. Average to Good Download Speeds:

For my money, the download speed ranges from average to good. It also helps that they’ve added a mirror site for good measure to make downloads faster and more consistent. It’s sometimes a bit faster than other VR porn studios’ average times, but it’s usually about the same. You can get your video on fast Internet in 30-40 minutes downloading to PC for my Oculus Rift. On terrible Internet, maybe a week with GetRight software.

WankzVR Review Summary

There’s a lot of good VR content, but it’s still sparse. If you’re wondering what the catch to the low $20 per month price tag is, then that’s probably the reason. It’s not as sparse as it was initially, but still below many other newcomer VR makers. Maybe this will change in the future.

On the other hand, I don’t remember the last Wankz VR video that can all be bad, rushed, or boring. They have girls that are engaging with their eye contact and dirty talk. They’re immersive, and every video has good realistic close-ups. However, they still need to catch up with the other producers with hundreds of videos available.

It won’t bust your budget and will help you bust a nut, but if you’re a voracious porn watcher, it might not be enough for you. In light of its cheapness, though, an argument could be made of providing the most bang for your buck (pun unintended), especially when considering the streaming service, the network extras, and the forums.